It's hard to use a single word to define what we make at Ibby Hartley because our clothing fulfills so many different needs- robe, duster, beach cover up, robe de chambre. We make a garment that is as suitable for post bath relaxation as it is for a night out.

Ibby infuses her designs with inspiration from a wide array of sources. Art, specifically painting, informs color sense and the prints that she works with. Architecture and design collectives like the Bauhaus influence textiles and design sensibility. Within Ibby Hartley you will find elements of Old Hollywood glamour interwoven with handmade textile traditions around the world. Japanese design traditions are a deep source of inspiration- the form and design of kimonos, textiles, Borro design and sensibility,and Wabi Sabi.

Our clothing is made with the sensibility of ateliers of the past and home sewing traditions. Each Ibby Hartley garment is thoughtfully and intentionally made by hand and many are one of a kind. Ibby is inspired by the self taught sewing talents of her great grandmother and grandmother who made the majority of their own clothing and used the fabric scraps to create small crafts that they sold during the Great Depression. We are an intersection of these home sewing traditions with the elevated design and elegance of the ateliers. When a garment is carefully crafted, you can feel the love and energy that went into its creation.

We make garments intended to be inclusive- they fit a range of sizes, body types, and are generally unisex. When you wear Ibby Hartley, we want you to feel comfortable, confident, sexy, and bold.