Custom Projects


Here at Ibby Hartley we love the custom process because it’s deeply personal and collaborative. We’re making clothing to fit your taste and body exactly. The potential is endless. We’ve made a cheerful cotton gown for a woman to give birth in, an abaya for a customer who lives in Oman, a slinky dress for a rehearsal dinner in Hawaii. Our thought with custom clothing is that you can create a wardrobe or unique piece for a special event that’s exactly how you like it and then wear it for the rest of your life.

No project is too big or too small and you are not limited to existing styles. We can discuss your concept and create a design and pattern for what you have in mind.

We offer custom bridal services for parties of any size. We guide you in choosing your fabric assortment, provide custom and exclusive hand-painted fabrics, personalized labels and embroidery, and artful packaging. Our robes are a beautiful gift that you will enjoy on your wedding day and for years after!

We are now offering custom slip dresses for bridesmaids or brides as well!


We ask for a minimum of one month to complete a custom order- if your time frame is shorter your order will be subject to a rush fee.

 Click here to set up a custom appointment. It can be done in our Venice, CA studio or via email.


Leilani and Adrienne. Photos: Isaiah and Taylor Photography.

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Shaquille O'Neal

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